The Ultimate Guide to Teach Your Preschooler at Home | Part 3

Teach Your Preschooler at Home |

Part 3: Playroom Essentials


This is the final part of our three-part series about how to best teach your preschooler at home. Throughout this series, we’ve discussed the essential steps to be sure your little one is not only ready for kindergarten, but will thrive at school beginning day one. In the first part of this series, we discussed the Ready for Kindergarten Checklist. Our essentials’ list will help guide you to get your child ready for kindergarten. Last week we discussed Ready to Go Schedules. Children thrive on routines & schedules. We gave you three sample schedules to look over and two additional schedules to use for you & your little. Today we’ll discuss the Play-Based Playroom. Included are items to possibly add in your playroom or learning environment.

The 3 Essential Steps Included in this Series:

  1. Ready for Kindergarten Checklist
  2. Ready to Go Schedules
  3. Play-based Playroom Essentials List

Please remember that every child is very different and unique in their own beautiful way. If something isn’t working for you or your child- change it up- you know your child best! This should be a fun and rewarding learning journey.

Part 3: Play-Based Playroom Essentials’ List


Setting up a playroom or learning area can be tricky & expensive.

Here’s an essentials’ supply list that has everything you need to get your homeschool area started all for under $300. These supplies are perfect for play-based, exploratory & imaginative learning that will make homeschool FUN and engaging!

Below is our Play-Based Playroom Guide, if you keep scrolling you’ll see a link to click here. Inside this guide you’ll find the easy-to-view links.

If you click on any of these pictures, it will take you to each of these links. All of these products are linked to Amazon, as I’m an Amazon Affiliate. This means if you decide to get any of these items I will get a very small percentage of the sale. Please note that I highly recommend each of these products, with or without the commission. I only recommend items I or my son have used and LOVED.

Play Based Playroom

Download the Essentials’ Guide Here:

Included are the items we’ve used in our playroom and learning area. There are also some helpful links if you want to find the items quickly.  Play Based Playroom Download Now

Learning = FUN!

As you arrange your perfect playroom or learning area, be sure to include activities that are fun & engaging for your little one. If you’re finding your child isn’t enjoying the learning activities, change it up. As I’ve stated before, teaching & learning should not be a battle, we want your child asking to play learning games & activities because they love it so much.

One of my go-to places for learning activities is Pinterest – it’s a great place to start with learning activities that are typically free. If you’re looking for an Alphabet Curriculum, we offer a play-based, fun, engaging curriculum that has everything you would ever need to teach the alphabet. It’s a 26 week program with 22 activities for each week, as simple as print & go.  We’ve included science experiments, snack ideas, daily books to read, physical activities, sensory development, character education and much more. Check it out here!

Monthly Games & Crafts

Check out our Monthly Subscription here. It’s delivered straight to your email inbox each month filled with monthly-themed arts & crafts and learning games. They are fun, educational games that are totally and completely prepared for you. All you’ll need to do is just print it off. There are some activities with minimal supplies needed (usually found around the house). Check it out here. This subscription is only open 3 days a month. Today is the last day our subscription is open until next month. If you’ve missed this month, we invite you to join us next month by signing up for our waiting list here!

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