preschool through play

Play-based monthly subscription which focuses on your child's development

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Children that begin the learning process early have better cognitive and language performance in their elementary years than their peers.

Our monthly subscription will strengthen your child's cognitive abilities, engage their thinking, creativity, and imagination, all while teaching your child that learning is FUN. You'll be setting your child up to be successful beginning day one of kindergarten. 

Hi, I'm Meghan!

I'm a curriculum developer for toddlers and preschoolers. I design play-based curriculum and activities. I'm a mom of two, Jackson (toddler) and Jarrett (infant). Before becoming a curriculum developer, I taught kindergarten for 7 years in Nashville, TN. While teaching in Nashville, I worked with a team that developed the curriculum for all kindergarten teachers which helped develop my love of creating curriculum. I also served in a leadership capacity that designed the entire framework for new teachers entering the Nashville school system.

While teaching kindergarten, I discovered a majority of students came into kindergarten not entirely prepared to be successful upon entering. I created a play-based, literature rich toddler & preschool curriculum that allows children to play and have fun while learning the fundamentals that will ensure they are ready to thrive in preschool and kindergarten.