October Preschool Morning Basket

I really like morning baskets. Morning baskets are great for when you want to get breakfast ready, clean, get yourself ready, etc. They’re perfect in the morning because that’s really the best time for independent activity (at least for my toddler). My son is now at the age where we can start using morning baskets. Yay! He really enjoys learning and being independent with activities, so I decided it was a good time to start these baskets with activities that are geared towards his interests and his age. 

Some of these activities will just be for the month of October and some of them will be in there for awhile. They may remain for months; it’ll depend on his interests and growth in certain areas. My goal is to make different activities for him to work on each month. I made this Halloween Alphabet Freebie for him- free if you want to download it!


I got a little extra and we made name crayons in Halloween colors.

They’re actually super easy to make. The hardest part is peeling the crayons. I read that you can soak them in warm, soapy water for 5 minutes and the peeling comes right off. I didn’t try it this time- but definitely will next time!

Once you put the crayons in the letter mold (this is the one I used), put them in the oven for 15 minutes at 230 degrees.

Let them cool off for at least 30 minutes and you have name crayons- so fun! I think I may do these name crayons in seasonal colors!



Free! Halloween Alphabet Freebie

Every day or so we are going to color a different letter with his ‘Jackson’ Halloween crayons.


These are fun board books perfect for his age!

I will read these books to him the first week and the last 3 or so weeks of the month, he’ll “read” them.



This is a fun, independent matching game that he can do by himself or with me. I will definitely work with him on it for the first couple of weeks. This will become a game that he’ll start to be able to do independently. I’ll probably keep it in the basket for a couple of months depending on interest. Another freebie- ABC freebie match


I used these in my kindergarten classroom for literacy centers. I like them because kids can easily use them independently. I introduced them to Jackson and he was able to use them within a minute independently. The other reason I really like them is because you can increase the skill level by purchasing more difficult cards. I believe you can use them even with 1st graders.


Great tactile activity that’s fun and doesn’t require a lot on your part and you can put Halloween colors in the basket!


This will require a lot more assistance on your part but can definitely stay in the basket for awhile. It’ll probably be a once or twice a week activity- I will just gauge it by his interest. Definitely not something I will push- just when he’s ready or interested.


This was a great Target Dollar Spot find. He loves felt and playing with these kinds of activities. We also have the alphabet letters as well and Jackson is obsessed. He takes them around the house and ends up making his own games with them.


I am going to have a new basket theme each month and give away one freebie each month as well. Sign up on my email list so you can be sure to grab a freebie each month

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