Toddler ‘Camping’ Recipes

Make some memories with these 3 easy to follow, toddler-friendly camping recipes!

These recipes are perfect for a day indoors that include yummy snacks, lots of laughter & fun, and maybe even a homemade camping tent in the den! Or make these treats & then head outdoors. Either way- enjoy this fun-filled day!

Let’s get started!

S’more on a Stick

Definitely can’t go wrong with S’mores on a Stick! Not only are these incredibly yummy, but they’re great for including your little one in the cooking process. Your toddler can help in pretty much every step of the way.


Chocolate Acorns


Not sure if it can get easier than Chocolate Acorns. This is a great activity to include your little one in and you’ll start noticing some pieces pieces very quickly!


Fruit Roll Ups

Want to add a healthier option in the mix? This is a great one that tastes great and has healthy, but yummy ingredients.

Download each of these camping recipes HERE!

Comment below with how each of these recipes turned out!

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