St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Here’s two fun, easy, & cute St. Patrick’s Day Activities!

My goal with these activities is for it to not be too much work for parents, super fun for kids, not insanely messy, and something you actually want to keep & hang up!

These fun activities also allows for some learning, which I am alllll about!

For the Fruit Loops activity, all you need to do is print it out and get some Fruit Loops! Super simple! It’s a perfect activity for your little one as it helps with their fine motor skills and you can work on colors & number sense. Plus, it makes for a fun snack & it takes kids a little while to make it, which helps with your little one’s self-regulation or concentration.

After all the work- then they have a well-deserved snack! Enjoy!

I don’t know about you, but I am all about a cute handprint craft that I love to hang up and keep for forever because those little hands grow so quickly!

I made this guide to help you with placement & colors.

All you need is to print this out & get the paint colors!

Individually paint their hand, place on the sheet, and repeat. Then use their fingerprints for the gold or color it in if you don’t have gold paint on hand.

Download St. Patrick’s Day Activities Here

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