Preschool Daily Schedule

Toddler schedules are tough and ever-evolving. Every month or couple of months, I sit down and look over our schedule to see if there are any changes that need to be made to it. I love this age because each month is so different than the last with them and their growth. They are exploring their world so some things that worked wonderfully the previous month may not work the next. If your toddler has a sibling like mine, we have a 4-month-old, there’s also a lot to factor in when making their schedule. Below is our schedule that we follow but I didn’t add in bottles, etc. for baby brother- I just focused on my toddler’s schedule for this blog post.

Here’s our Preschool Schedule Tot:


I love the outdoors and being close to nature, it seriously gives me life. I absolutely love starting our day at the greenway so we try to do that almost every day. If it’s a nice morning, we will start at the park- which is connected to our city’s greenway, play and then walk. Before we go to the greenway, we have a local coffee shop that I absolutely love. So we start our day there and head over to the greenway. This is typically baby brother’s naptime and my toddler will get out and walk a little and then get back in the double stroller while brother naps in the stroller.

Snack & Books

I am an exclusive pumper for my youngest which means I have to do activities with my toddler while we are sitting for about 30 minutes. Thankfully Jackson, my toddler, is great with it. We will play games, read stories, eat snacks, or watch a quick TV show if it’s too crazy haha.

T is for Tot Curriculum

We are learning a different letter each week using our curriculum. Each day we follow the calendar and work on our “projects.” We typically will work on the letter curriculum between 5-15 minutes depending on his interest. He really enjoys “projects” so it’s one of our favorite times of the day.


This is when we will look at our microscope or telescope, work on giving our robot “commands”, and doing arts and crafts.

Playground “Recess”

My husband works from home so this has become some of his time with him. My husband will take Jackson outside for about 30 minutes and kick the ball, do bubbles or play on the playground. This has been a nice little break plus I can use this time to make lunch- win win!

Lunch & Naptime


Jackson loves reading books and definitely has his favorites, which we have read a bazillion times haha. I’m sure you know all about that. We’ll take turns reading the different stories. It’s fun to see how much he remembers from reading the same books again and again especially the rhyming words.

Some of his favorite books are: Goodnight Gorilla, Goodnight Nashville, Goodnight Moon (haha, there’s a theme), My Mom & Me, Pete the Cat, Llama Llama books…

T is for Tot Curriculum

This is when we do the character education, letter snack, physical activity, letter books, and alphabet review portion of the curriculum and play with baby brother.

Indoor or Outdoor Play

Lots of indoor and outdoor play while we wait for daddy to get off work!

Then time for dinner!

Here’s a free sample schedule if you’d like to use it!

Sample Schedule

Is this similar to your day? Leave a comment below- I would love to hear about your day with your toddler!

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