November Preschool Morning Basket

November Preschool Morning Baskets

We started morning baskets last month with a fun Halloween theme. This month we are going to focus on Thanksgiving and the importance of giving thanks. Below is everything I included in November’s morning basket. I also included a couple of freebiesToddler Games PDF. Hope your little one enjoys this as much as mine!


My son, who’s almost 3 years old (and wow that seems crazy to me), is now to the point where we can start playing games and he is really exploring his world. He wants to know what everything is- constantly asking me the name of things, what it means, etc.

I created this Thanksgiving memory game for us to play together during the month. We will mostly play it in the morning or whenever we need some filler time in our day.

I thought it would be a fun game to play but the goal is also for him to learn some new vocabulary as well as to begin associating things with fall and Thanksgiving.

Toddler Games PDF



This is a quick and easy number puzzle with a Thanksgiving cornucopia as the background. Your child will put the numbers in order from 1-10. This is a great and easy activity for your child to do each day and can be done independently.

Toddler Games PDF


We are going to practice tracing the dotted lines each day (always starting left to right). I’m definitely not looking for perfection or anywhere close to it- just practice. If he wants to trace one day and scribble the next, totally fine and developmentally appropriate!

Toddler Games PDF


Here are 3 fun Thanksgiving board books perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. I love each of these books for various reasons. But what I love about each of them is that they all rhyme- perfect for this age group. It’s easy for kids to catch on and read again and again which is ideal for morning baskets- independence.

Five Silly Turkeys is a great book that teaches numbers. The book starts with 5 turkeys and each page one is taken away- great introduction to subtraction.

Llama Llama Gives Thanks talks about giving thanks, and bonus- my son just loves the Llama Llama books.

Five Little Thank Yous discusses different things we can be thankful for- kids this age sometimes struggle with knowing what to be thankful for so I think this is a great book to help them process what it means to be thankful.

I will read these books to my son the first week and then the last 3 or so weeks of the month, he’ll “read” them or we’ll read them together.


This is a fun, independent matching game that he can do by himself or with me. I will definitely work with him on it for the first couple of weeks. This will become a game he’ll start to be able to do independently. I’ll probably keep it in the basket for a couple of months depending on interest.

ABC freebie match


I used these in my kindergarten classroom for literacy centers. I like them because kids can easily use these independently. I introduced them to Jackson and he was able to use them within a minute independently. The other reason I really like them is because you can increase the skill level by purchasing more difficult cards. I believe you can use them even with 1st graders. The cards can increase in difficulty depending


Great tactile activity that’s fun and doesn’t require a lot on your part and Thanksgiving(ish) colors- fun!


This will require a lot more assistance and will definitely stay in the basket for awhile. It’ll probably be a once a week activity- I will just gauge it by his interest. Definitely not something I would push- just when he’s ready.


This was a great Target Dollar Spot find. He loves felt and playing with these kinds of activities. We also have the letters as well and Jackson is obsessed. He takes them around the house and ends up making his own games with them.


This is a neat toy that teaches your child the correct form for letters using a pen and magnets. As a kindergarten teacher, it’s so important to teach kids the correct way to form letters. It’s really nice to have this to help teach the correct form.

I am going to have a new basket theme each month and give away at least one freebie each month as well. Sign up on my email list so you can be sure to grab a freebie each month when I release it!

Comment below and let me know which activities you plan to try with your little one this month.

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