How to Teach Letter Sounds

I love to use Sound Cards to teach letter sounds. Here’s how to do it:


Sound cards are amazing. They are my jam and I love teaching with them!
The reason I love sound cards so much is because they are perfect for all learners- visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (movement).

That’s right- they are perfect for every single learner and the best part is- they work! They really, really help teach kids letter sounds. I’ve used them every year that I taught kindergarten. The sound cards I used in kindergarten were very old-school and given to me by my district.

I really wanted some cute ones that were a little more contemporary, so I searched and searched and searched. Apparently, they do not exist. Literally, I looked everywhere.
That’s when it dawned on me- I could hire a graphic artist to create some! So I worked with an amazing artist and she created them in watercolor and they are beautifulllll. So happy.


Once you print off the sound cards, I really encourage you to laminate them. You are going to use them A LOT and your kids will love them- laminating them will help keep them lasting a long time.

Teach one sound at a time. I always start with the letter A first. But once I teach the entire alphabet, I circle back but in a more phonetic order (I’ll write another blog post soon teaching the research-based method).
You can use this curriculum to teach the Letter Aa.

Inside this curriculum is a weekly plan for you to use and will show you when to introduce the sound cards and how to continue using them for review purposes.

Now, when you teach the letter Aa sound, you are also going to teach the letter Aa movement- so fun!
I put in a parent chart for you to use to teach movements for each letter. Check it out below.

Once you teach every letter and every letter sound, I recommend you put them on a binder ring and keep them to review. Seriously, kids love these movements and it’s crazy how once you add in a movement and a visual, kids pick up on letter sounds so easily! It’s true- if you can teach something with all 3 learning styles- visual, auditory, kinesthetic – kids pick up on it so quickly!

Can’t wait to hear how much you love teaching with these!


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