February Morning Basket | Toddlers & Preschoolers

This month’s morning basket theme is Black History and Valentine’s Day. These books, activities, games, and freebies are perfect for toddlers & preschoolers while you are making breakfast, starting the day, getting ready, basically all the things. After a few mornings of working on the basket together, your little one will be able to independently play while you do allll the things. Also, I should note morning baskets don’t have to be used just in the mornings. Use whenever- we typically play with ours around snack time since that’s when I feed my youngest and I know my toddler can play independently.

We’ve included Black History and Valentine Books to read, a 5 page black history coloring book perfect for toddlers & preschoolers (free download), smashing playdoh mats (also free download), stacking rocks, and number writing practice with Magnatab.

Included in this blog are two freebies for you to download and print for your little one.


Below are the Black History books that will be included in our morning basket. I absolutely love Little People, Big Dreams books. They have amazing illustrations and the reading complexity is perfect for toddlers & preschoolers. I also HAD to include Wilma Rudolph since she was a hometown hero where I am from, Clarksville, TN.


BLACK HISTORY COLORING BOOK with skin color crayons


Download this freebie here. Each of these pages goes perfectly with the suggested books above. I created this coloring book specifically for toddlers and preschoolers. I recommend parents, loved ones, nannies, educators, etc. discuss the books or read the suggested books while your little one colors the pictures or before your little one colors in order to get the text connections.

Crayola has created skin color crayons which are awesome! Here is the Amazon link although I’ve found them cheaper at Target.



Here are two Valentine books you can add to your morning basket. They are cute books, great for toddlers & preschoolers. My son loves anything Llama Llama. He enjoys rhyming books and Llama Llama is pretty silly, which he also loves. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse is a sweet one too. Laura Numeroff always writes the cutest books; your little one will love this book.



My toddler son, Jackson, loves his Magnatab. It’s  a fun educational toy that teaches your child the correct way to form numbers using a pen and the magnetic component. As a kindergarten teacher, it’s SO important to teach kids the correct way to form letters and numbers. It’s really nice to have this to help teach the correct form.

Here is another freebie I’ve created to teach numbers. Included are FUN number posters with songs that helps your little one form the numbers correctly. Added bonus, your child will love the songs (super catchy).



This is a new educational game that I am introducing to Jackson this month. I found it on Amazon. It’s a fun stacking game that teaches and incorporates play, imagination, and creativity, but also has other added bonuses: fine motor development, color recognition, hand, eye coordination, and so much more. Can’t wait to introduce to Jackson, I have a feeling it’s going to be a quick favorite.




Download this freebie here. I had so much fun creating this idea- smashing hearts. Can it get any more fun than that?! I’ll definitely be joining Jackson on this game.

I found a wooden mallet, wooden hearts, and wood glue on Amazon and then glued the hearts to the mallet- now a heart smasher!

I also found 1 inch blocks with .75 inch letters, glued the letters of Jackson’s name to the blocks and now he can also smash the letters of his name to the playdoh.



A friend of mine, Junebug Learning Kits, makes fabulous playdoh. It is SO much better than the regular stuff, we will be using this playdoh all month long with our hearts smashing and name creating.

I am going to have a new basket theme each month and give away at least one freebie each month as well. Sign up on my email list so you can be sure to grab a freebie each month when I release it!


Comment below and let me know which activities you are SO excited to try with your little one this month. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram to be featured on my page.





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