April Morning Basket

This month’s morning basket is all about Spring! We ordered our Caterpillars from Insect Lore this past week and will be incorporating it during our morning basket time as well as throughout the day (great snack time activity- check in and see how they’re doing).

We’ll be learning all about the caterpillar life cycle- investigating the process and reading about what is about to happen while making predictions!

We’ll also use our fine motor skills with a tracing activity (freebie) and do a fun math spring activity with dice (another freebie).

Check out below to read all the activities we will be doing throughout the month & see if any of them could work for your little one!


All you need for this activity is to print, possibly laminate if you have that option (so it can last throughout the month), some pom poms & a dice.

Have your child roll the dice, count the number on the dice & grab that number of pom poms to add to the mat. We added these handy scoopers to help with his fine motor skills.

Download Here | April Morning Basket


We are going to practice tracing the dotted lines each day (starting left to right). I’m definitely not looking for perfection or anywhere close to it, just practice. If he wants to trace one day and scribble the next, totally fine and developmentally appropriate!

Download Here | April Morning Basket


We have this Leo Lionni’s Spring Book that is an easy read for this month. I’ll read it the first few days & he’ll take over from there.

We are also learning all about the caterpillar life cycle and will be doing some reading about what is to come!


I used Leap Frog Books in my kindergarten classroom for literacy centers. I love these because kids can easily use it independently. I introduced the concept to Jackson and he was able to use them very soon after independently. After downloading the books to the pen (just plug it into your computer & download) you can introduce the books to your little. They will love it! Show them the four areas to press with the pen on each page. One button will read it all to them, one will sound out the words, one will say each word individually, and the last one will spell the letters. Jackson loves the independence of this activity- great if you have other littles and need to give them attention for a little while keeping your older one busy.


Great tactile activity that’s fun and doesn’t require a lot on your part and SPRING colors- fun!


We ordered these caterpillars from Insect Lore. We actually ordered them last year as well. We’ll watch them each morning during morning basket time as well as throughout the days. We added this magnifying glass so we can really study them!


As soon as I saw this Insect Vision Viewer on Lakeshore Learning I knew Jackson would love it. It’s great because it shows him close up what the insect looks like but it’s also so fun how you get to view it! I’m almost positive this will be the first activity he goes straight to in the morning.

I am going to have a new basket theme each month and give away at least one freebie each month as well. Sign up on my email list so you can be sure to grab a freebie each month when I release it!

Comment below and let me know which activities you plan to try with your little one this month.

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  1. Love every bit of this and can’t wait to do it with my boys. Thank you for the inspiration and the awesome freebies!

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