ABout me

Hi, I'm Meghan!

I’m a curriculum developer for toddlers & preschoolers. I design play-based curriculums and activities. I’m a mom of two, Jackson (toddler) and Jarrett (infant). Before becoming a curriculum developer, I taught kindergarten for 7 years in Nashville, TN. 

While teaching in Nashville, I worked with a team that developed the curriculum for all kindergarten teachers which helped develop my love of creating curriculum. I also served in a leadership role that designed the framework for new teachers entering the Nashville school system.

While teaching kindergarten, a majority of students came into school not entirely prepared to be successful upon entering. I realized after scouring the internet that there really isn’t a curriculum available for parents who wish to give their child a play-based, literature rich, all-encompassing curriculum.

I wanted my toddler son to have a program that not only taught him the essential fundamentals, but also taught him in a way that was FUN and developmentally appropriate. There is ample early childhood research that states the importance of starting learning early, but it needs to be a play-based approach that engages the child and leads the child to eventually be motivated in his/her own learning.

After countless research and years of instructing entering kindergarteners, I developed a toddler curriculum that is a parent’s one-stop shop when it comes to their child’s learning. My goal when I created this curriculum was to give parents peace of mind knowing that their child won’t just be ready for kindergarten, but will be successful beginning day one and have a life-long love of learning.